Friday, June 10, 2011

Steals of the week!

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good deal. A really good deal. If it's not on super sale, I typically don't buy it. I've been known to spend hours at the mall and come home with 1 item at best. I just can't pull the trigger until I know it's the best I can do. But, persistence pays off. And even better than persistence, is thrifting. And that's where I jump in: "Hi, I'm Kendahl, and yes I will buy your left over junk that you overpaid for, for next to nothing. Nice to meet you." :)

And that's exactly what I did this week...I scored 3 amazing deals 
for a grand total of $10!

1) A turquoise blue copper lantern.  $5

 Not the cheapest deal of the week, but probably the coolest thing I bought. This will go perfect next to my old window frame (that has still yet to be hung by my husband despite the daily nagging  polite asking) in our bedroom.  They only had one, but I asked the guy to keep an eye out for another in a similar style for me.

Needs to be cleaned up a bit, but once it's shined I'm sure the color 
will pop even more!  Love the details!

2) A "someone-cut-off-the-tag-but-I-swear-its-straight-from-Anthropologie-comforter"  $4

No joke.  Check out this beaut.  Please tell me that you wouldn't drool over this if you walked into Anthro?  Just because it was in a Salvation Army doesn't mean that it didn't start it's life hanging in my favorite store.  I searched online to verify my inkling and couldn't find any exact replicas, but I would put money on it.  After 3 washes in the washing machine with a lot of soap and very hot water, it's now made its new home on my guest bed.  

3) My best snag of the week: an antique wooden fold out table.  $1

That's right, one dollar! holla.  I don't have anywhere to put this now...well I'm sure I could find a place if I had to...but since this isn't a long term home for us I don't wanna go mounting big ole' furniture to the walls and/or risk ruining it for our next home.  I've always drooled over these at Ikea, but hated the "cheapness" of them being plastic/metal.  I have many, many ideas of what to do with it, but for now I will probably tuck it away until that perfect day comes.

My ghetto set-up so that you can see just how stinking cool this is!

Look at those legs!! Can't you imagine it painted and glazed the perfect earthy green color.  Chipped paint look and all...I'm melting...

And my favorite thing about finding great deals is trying to imagine how it's been used in the past.  I can see Pa telling little Laura and Mary to go do their homework at this little table.  Straight up Little House on the Prairie.  Love it. 

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