Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not Good

Clothes shopping and me don't mix.  Well here's the deal.  I love shopping.  I love the act of shopping more than I love the clothes.  I do love when clothes fit.  But this doesn't happen much.  In fact, it's a darn near miracle when it does.   

I was blessed with the body of a 12 year old.  Don't even get me started with the "oh but you're so tiny,  I would love to be your size, blah blah."  When you have to buy your jeans in the little girls department and have to do all you can not to freak out that everything has butterflies bedazzled on the butt, then you won't think you're so lucky.  Sorry soap box.  No hate here.  We all have our drama :)

 While trying on a few things in at Old Navy yesterday I couldn't help from snapping 
a few pictures to prove the ridiculousness.

No I did not willingly choose parachute high water pants.  
I picked out the cute dark blue khaki capris in my size. 
But apparently that's not what they were.  I didn't get the memo.

Oh and that shirt.  For the love.  Not even worth a full picture.  Let's just say it was one where you aren't even sure you are wearing it right because it's just that bad. 

Note the 45 items in the room with me.  I came home with 3.  And I'm returning at least one.  Oh and the other 2 were flip flops and sun glasses.  Not Good.


  1. Totally feel your pain! I always come in with a thousand things and leave with maybe one thing. Twelve year olds unite!

  2. Call me if u need a personal shopper


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