Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Where has the time gone! Sorry I haven't updated in almost 2 weeks - life has been crazy!

I have been working like a maniac on website stuff for the new biz and then spent 5 days with my amazing friends in Texas. Man I miss them...

It's friends like these you don't find often enough and when you do, it's hard to know that they live so far away. Phone calls and twice a year visits just don't cut it for me anymore. It seriously gets me upset to think about how much I wish we could live closer. Especially now, with little Eden turning one and growing so fast, I feel like I am missing so much!

Anyways, enough of the sob story...all to be said, check out these pictures of my amazing week in Texas:

On Saturday, Jen threw an awesome 1st birthday party for Eden. She was absolutely adorable in her black and pink tu-tu!

Sunday was Eden's baby dedication at the church. Tried to get a good family shot,
but Eden just really wanted to run around...soooo...that's what she did! :)

Jen and I always say that no one will ever believe that we are friends because we have so few pictures together. So, we asked Matt for a photo shoot. We really just wanted some normal pictures, but I guess we just aren't that normal. We did snag a few for the records!

I can only hope for kids as well behaved and as stinkin' adorable as Eden. I mean who looks this cute with bed head and breakfast all over their face?!

Lastly, Jen and I spent some time playing outside with Eden on her slide.
Eden has more hair than a 1 year old knows what to do with.

Yes, she really is that cute in real life, actually, the pictures don't do it justice.

So, now I just need to go make a teleporting machine so that I can see them anytime I would like. Anyone got any ideas how to do that???


  1. I'll take that teleporting machine too. I know what you're feeling. It sucks.

  2. I love this post! So cute! I am thrilled to be blog friends. I love it! Hope to see you back in Texas soon!


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