Saturday, September 5, 2009


Disclaimer: Did you know that "Putt-Putt" is not a nation-wide generic name for mini golf? I had no idea! My friend Jen made this very aware to me one time in college when I asked her if she wanted to go putt-putt and she responded with a loving

"what the heck did you just say??
Putt....long pause....putt???? Are you just making noises??"

Here in Springfield, mini golf is almost never referred to as mini golf. To be completely honest, I didn't even know people really used the term mini golf until I went to college. I mean I'm sure I would have figured it out, but for the most part "Putt Putt" is synonymous to mini golf around here. So, forgive me, but I will continue to call it putt-putt until the day I die. It's like asking for a tissue, no one does that, they ask for a Kleenex.

Same difference.
(And by the way, I never understood that statement either,
but that's a tangent for another day.)

So, anyhow...

Last night we went Putt-Putting. Bryan invited all of the youth leaders from our church out to play a round and just have a good time.

(By the way, we have many available ways to help out with the youth at our church and if you have any desire be it cooking food, planning games, or just hanging out with kids, you should definitely check out this post here and contact Bryan!)

Again, sorry I'm chasing every rabbit...

Anyways, here are some pictures from the night!

Bryan's game face!

We won't discuss the fact that he did not bring his game last night.

After talking up his "back 9" he ended up almost doubling par
(but we're not going to talk about it ;)

Carl putting on a difficult "mystery pipe" hole.
(although we cheated and figured out which one led where before we went)

Bryan attempting to take the road less traveled.
He explained that it was the shortest distance to the hole.
(and he wonders why he got 3rd place...)

And the best part of the evening?!

I didn't get last place!!!

sorry Megan :)

Steve and Carl were in a heated battle for 1st place all night.

Oh! And I almost forgot!

See this hole here?

See it?

I got a hole-in-one!

That's right suckers!

Err, I mean, we all did a very good job and had a lovely night.

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