Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Boy

Everyone told me that as soon as I had the new baby, I would come home and Ellis would immediately look older.

He's only 18 months, guys.  He can't look like a big kid overnight. 
He still wears footy-pajamas for crying out loud!

Oh how I wished it wasn't true.  I didn't want my baby to not be a baby anymore.  

But they said it would happen.

...They were right.

My baby is a big boy.

Today he climbed onto this chair all by himself and grabbed the crayons.

He then spent almost 20 minutes (yes, my attention-span-less child) coloring.  Well, mostly just taking the crayons in and out of the box...but none the less.

He sat/stood/kneeled in that chair like he had done it forever.

He's so big.

I can't stand it.

Oh, how I love him so.


  1. He's precious!!! I feel ya girl - G climbed up in our dining room chair this weekend by himself like it was completely normal.... and we have one of those TALL tables and chairs. What happened to our baby boys!? Good thing you have a little one to steal cuddles! ;)

  2. I always notice how heavy they feel after the baby is home... I was always like have I been carrying you around so long!


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