Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Olive Ruth | 1 month

Weight: 9 lb 8oz

Length: 21in (estimated)

You love to be swaddled.  All day, every day.  If you are fussy, all we need to do is swaddle you up and most of the time that calms you right down.  (However, you really aren't a fussy baby at all!)  You know what you want and as soon as you get it you are happy.  You took and loved your soothie pacis from day one and also love your swing.  You spend a lot of time in that thing!  

You love it when your dad sings to you.  Dave Barnes and Andrew Peterson are your songs of choice!  You just smile and watch him as he sings.

Oh, and you love to eat.  Love it.

Just like your brother, you do not like to be burped.  We try and try and most of the time can't get a burp out of you.  The only other thing that makes you mad is if you are cold.  You don't hate your bath, but if I don't wrap you up quick enough afterwards you aren't very happy. 

Sleep.  You love to sleep.  Most people ask if your eyes are ever open!  Yes, they are…but not often :)  You sleep 3-4 hours at a time.  

We got pretty lucky when it comes to good sleepers/eaters.  You are very scheduled and eat about 3.5-4 ounces every 3-4 hours.  You sleep in between. :)  We are working on a bit longer stretches, but can't complain at all about where you are at now!

Smile!  You aren't crazy expressive yet, but I did catch a picture of your first big old smile and it was pretty darn cute!

You do a lot of sleeping and laying around (ha!) but I put you in a rocker last week at church that had some toys dangling from it and within seconds you were reaching up and batting at them.  I guess mom and dad need to get you a little more interaction! 

Bath with your brother!  It was quick and you weren't very happy, but we got it done and even took a picture to prove it. 

Fun Fact: 
It's been so fun to see you and your brother interact.  The first thing he does when he wakes up is run into the living room and say "where sis?"  It's cute.  And when he gives you kisses you just stare at him.  

Happy 1 month Olive Ruth, we love you!

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