Friday, December 20, 2013

Ellis Hay | 18 Months

For Ellis' first year I did these every month, and now that I'm switching that to every 6 months, I feel like there is SOOOO much to catch up on.  It's even hard to remember what all has changed in the last 6 months!  So bear with me, this one's a little longer than the rest :)

Weight: 27.5 lbs

Height: 3 feet tall!


You love people.  You love when someone new walks in a room and don't like when they leave.  You are a very social kid.  When it's just you and your mama at home, you tend to get a little board.  Going out in public and waving/talking to everyone is a fun afternoon activity!

Being outside.  You are all boy.  Nature excites you.  It stinks how cold it is getting because that's going to very much limit the amount of time we get to play outside.  And you are at such a fun, exploring age.

Your pacis.  I feel like the older you get, the more you are getting attached.  You only get them in bed, but you are becoming more and more excited about them when you see them.  You love going to bed at night and I credit this to the pacis in bed.  Seriously, we say "nigh-night?" and you bolt to the stairs.

You love getting your hair brushed.  You think it's so funny and you even try to do it yourself!

Trains, cars, and kitchen utensils are you favorite toys.  I think your very favorite would be the ladle.

You are starting to revert back to not liking baths.  I am not sure why or what happened, but it's hit or miss on whether you are going to cooperate in the bath or not.  

You aren't a huge fan of vegetables.  I think that a lot of it still has to do with texture.  You touch/squish every piece of food before you eat it to make sure it is just right before you eat it.  You are a silly boy.

The word no.  Yep, we have a toddler in the house.  And you are starting to repeat it.  Stop growing up please?

You still love your sleep.  Some days you are just too wound up to get in a good nap, but for the most part you practically ask to go to bed.  And unless you are sick, you sleep the whole night through without waking.  You go down and wake up right about 7:30pm and am!

You are a crazy tech generation child.  You have figured out how to turn the TV on and off, how to scroll around on our iPhones to find the games you want to play and how to get up on mamas office chair and type on the computer keyboard.  You really do amaze us at the things you have figured out.  

You are in the toddler room at church now.  And you love it.  You get to run and play and even have a snack.  I think you would live at the church if we let you.

You are still about the same with words.  You like to "talk" a lot in your own little language, but we haven't picked up many more real words in the last few months.


First time trick or treating!  Last year we got you dressed up and you went around in the stroller for fun, but this year you ran up to a house (maybe 2) with the big kids.  It was short lived, but you were the cutest little Pop-eye we've ever seen.  And you felt so cool with the big kids.  

Last month you had your first weekend ever without your mama!  Mama packed up and went to a 3 day conference and left you home with your dad.  You and dad had so much fun.  You went to a pumpkin patch and hung out with your cousins.  We think you really enjoyed your boy weekend!  And mama really enjoyed her "time off", but was very happy to see you when she returned!

Shortly after your first birthday you had your first haircut!  It was just a little trim, but you handled it like a champ.  With your crazy curls, you have had quite a few more haircuts since then.

We took our first loooooong road trip this past summer.  You were an absolute trooper.  We went from home to Carmi, IL for a week long mission trip.  Then down to Chattanooga, TN for a good HS friend's wedding.  We got to see your little buddy Grayson there!  From there we went to Salem, SC to see your great grandparents for a couple days.  After leaving there we went up to North Carolina to see your cousins.  We got all the way to the very end of our 2 1/2 week vacation before you got sick.  You woke up our last day in NC with a 103 fever.  Throughout the day it spiked to 106 and landed us in the ER.  Fortunately you were okay and had no side effect from the fever, though it was very scary.  We left the next day for home and stopped in to visit the Moore's in TN.  It was a very long trip and we all had such a good time.  I see this becoming a tradition for us each summer.  The extended vacation was good for all of us to just get away and relax.


Fun Fact: 
This month you became a BIG BROTHER. (a few days after you turned 18 months).  Your little 
sister, Olive, was born on Oct 23rd.  Let's just say you are smitten.  You are amazing with her.  You aren't overly attentive, but you don't ignore her either.  You will go say hi, give her a kiss, and then go about your business.  We are so proud of you, you helped make the transition to two kids very smooth.

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