Thursday, December 5, 2013

// Keep + Give Giveaway //

I sat down in early January with a piece of paper and a couple colored sharpies.  I drew out this silly looking grid with 100 boxes.  I didn't know what I wanted my shop to look like.  I didn't know what all I wanted to sell and design and create.  I wasn't sure if I was even going to blog or not.  But I made a small goal.  I wanted to sell 100 sets of burp cloths by the end of the year.  

...and I did.  I crossed out those 100 boxes only a few months into the year.  And I am so thankful for all of you that helped me reach that goal.  I've sewn late into the night and 100's of swaddles and burp cloths have been sent out all over the country.  

But my sore little fingers and my little humans are asking me to make a change.  A good one.  In 2014 the Beautifully Esoteric Shop is going to look a little different.  I will say more on that later.  Just think prints, scriptures, lyrics, more adorable animals, and lots of color. We are still putting the final touches on the "vision" (and yes, if you read Tuesday's post you are laughing along with me...), but we plan to roll out some fresh ideas around the first of the year.  

So, as a way to say thanks, I wanted to do a little giveaway that keeps on giving!

With 2014 being just around the corner, I have released my 2014 Calendar Card Set.  

These 4x6 cards are perfect to sit on your desk, hang on your refrigerator, or even keep in your bag on the go!

And you can't go wrong with a fun floral theme, right? 

So, here's the deal...the giveaway is for 2 Calendar sets.  If you win, you keep a set for yourself, but you have to gift the other set to a friend.   Deal? Deal.

Go ahead and enter below!  You have until Monday at midnight CST to enter.  Thanks + good luck!

// Don't want to wait!? //
Go ahead and order your set today with coupon CALENDAR2014 to get $4 off a set of cards!

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  1. Love the floral print! I'd give the extra calendar set to my mom...

  2. I love these!! I'd give the extra set to my dear friend, Lucinda.

  3. So pretty! I'd give my second set to my mother-in-law!

  4. LOVE anything floral! I would give the second set to my momma :)


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