Monday, January 6, 2014

Fifty Two Pages | Dec 30 - Jan 5

It's monday...which means it's time to show us your #fiftytwopages!

I know we have a lot of newbies joining up this week!  Welcome! :)

For those just joining --- here are some answers to a couple of the questions most tend to ask in the beginning! :)

What App do you use to make your collage?
I recommend PicStitch to create a collage right on your phone. 

You can download the PicStitch app here:
Pic Stitch - Big Blue Clip, LLC

What App do you use to edit your photos?

It's a great (inexpensive + totally worth it) photo editing app with endless filter options.  My favorite part of the app is that it allows you to create and save your own "recipes" of your favorite edits so you can use them again and again.

How do you get those Dates on your collage?
I use photoshop on my computer to add the text.

However, to keep things super simple, I recommend using one of the following apps on your computer that all you to add and save text to your photos:

Here's my collage for the week!

Now it's time to share yours!

Tag #fiftytwopages on IG, Twitter, or Facebook to join along!  And make sure to check out others' collages, it's great to see all the different pictures and ways that you all are styling your pages!

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