Thursday, January 23, 2014

Olive Ruth | 3 Months

Weight: 12lb 12oz (est)

Length: 22 inches long (est)

Likes: You love to smile.  Seriously girl, you are a cheeser.  We love it.  All we have to do is make eye contact and you get the sweetest little bashful grin.  You are going to drive those boys crazy some day.

You love your bumbo.  You can hold your head up like a champ now and can join us for dinner at the table now!

You also love to suck on your fingers.  You just discovered them not too long ago but it was love at first lick.  You almost prefer your hands to your paci, but can't figure out how to get those fingers to stay in your mouth.

Dislikes:  You are not a fan of tummy time.  You don't freak out, but you just don't do it.  You lay your head down in complete disapproval almost immediately.  We've tried rolling up towels under your arms and putting you on the boppy and you just don't want anything to do with it.

Speaking of loving your fingers, you are starting to get pretty hacked off when we swaddle your arms down at night.  It really does help you sleep better, but for the first few minutes you don't agree.


You fooled mama by sleeping through the night for about 4 days in a row.  Just long enough for her to get used to her sleep again.  Then you decided that was no longer fun.  We can't complain because we know it could be much worse, but you are now back to getting up around 3-4 to eat.  We are going to try and up your feedings during the day to see if that makes any difference.  

You eat 5.5 ounces every 3 hours all day.  You love to eat.  You know exactly when it's been 3 hours and let everyone know that it's time to drop everything they are doing and feed you.

You can sit up in your bumbo very well.  And you even can sit up on the floor or table with a little assistance.  You can hold your head up with no problem for quite a while!

You have started to find your voice.  You have the sweetest little coo when we say hello.  It's like you are saying hi back.

You aren't rolling yet.  Probably because every time we try and put you on the floor your brother tries to use you as a chair.


We celebrated Christmas as a family of 4 this year.  You had a great time sleeping in the swing while your brother torn open all the gifts.  Even ones that weren't his.  It was a great day :)  I'm sure you will be a little more aware next year.  But you did love all the attention from family!

You took your first train ride!  Your dad and I took you along with us to a staff retreat up in Chicago.  You were awesome the whole time we were there, no trouble at all.  You even spent a full day with your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Yianni while mom and dad got to go shopping and out to dinner kid-free.

Fun Fact:

We now have 2 babies in cloth diapers.  We started you a little earlier than your brother, but that's probably because we are more comfortable with them this time around.

Also, you totally rock the jeggings.  Cutest little lady in jeggings we've ever seen. 

Happy 3 months little lady!


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