Thursday, January 2, 2014

Olive Ruth | 2 Months

Weight: 11 lb 12oz (actual)

Length: 21.5in (actual)

You love being talked to. You are such a big smiler and as soon as we say "hello" you just go crazy.  Your little grin that you were doing before has turned into the biggest giggliest smile.  You get a sparkle in your eye that is just so contagious.  We can't see you smile without smiling right back.  You love when we say "hello peanut" or your nickname "sugar" or as mom prefers, "sugardoos".

You still like your swaddle.  You are a little more of a Houdini these days and so we've had to perfect the double swaddle.  You have yet to bust out of the 2 layers, but I am sure that it won't take long before you figure it out.

You love your paci.  Thankfully, you don't need it constantly at night.  You fall asleep with it and as soon as you are out it falls out and you are content without.

You have come to love bath time.  You love just laying in the water.  We tried baths with your brother, but he is just a little too crazy for you.   You just want to relax and he likes to splash and dive bomb the duckies on to you.  So, we keep rocking the sink baths for you and you love it.

Besides having a full diaper, not much makes you unhappy.  Mom saw real tears for the first time at your 2 month appointment when you got your shots.  That was the first time we heard you really really cry.  For the most part, you are just a very content happy baby.

You are sooooo close to sleeping through the night.  But not quite there.  You will have a couple good nights and then 
another night of being up every couple of hours.  You have done a couple 7 hours stretches and one 9 hour!  It was a good break for mom, but on average you are doing about 5-6 hours at night.  There is no rhyme or reason as to what nights you sleep longer, so we stopped trying to figure you out.  

You are up to 5 ounces every 3 hours during the day.  We just talked about upping you to 5.5 because you love to eat so much! :)

You officially have outgrown your newborn clothes.  You are wearing 3 month and even some 3-6 month clothes!  

You are starting to have a lot more awake time.  It's fun to see you start to react and interact with some of your toys.  We need to keep working on the tummy time.  You haven't shown any interest in trying to roll over at all. 

Thanksgiving!  We had a few different Thanksgiving celebrations and you loved them all.  And by loved them, I mean you wore your Turkey Shirt like a pro and slept the day away.  You did sleep through meal time and allow your parents to eat handsfree which was great, so thanks for that! :)

Fun Fact: 
We have had a lot of people ask us if we think you look like Ellis.  Up until now, my response was that I don't think you really "look" like him, but that your mannerisms and movements remind me of him.  However, over the last few weeks your look has been changing.  And after taking these pictures, we have officially changed our minds.  You look just like him.  I searched for a few pictures of Ellis when he was 2 months old to compare and what I found was crazy!  Your brother is adorable though, so it's not a bad thing to look like him! :)  Also, I find it kind of funny that you are just about the same weight that he was at 2 months, but you are 3 inches shorter!

Happy 2 months Olive Ruth, we love you!

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