Monday, January 27, 2014

Fifty Two Pages | Jan 20 - Jan 26

It's Monday...which means it's time for #fiftytwopages!
It's time to collect your favorite photos, make your collage, and share it with the rest of the #fiftytwopages community!

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Olive turned 3 months old this week.  Insane.  I geared up on Thursday to take her monthly photos, and just when O was making the cutest happened.  
"Cannot save photo, you have no storage available"

Have you been there? I have so many pictures and videos on my phone that I couldn't even save one more photo.  I missed the moment.  The only silver lining is that it made me get my real camera out and in return got some pretty awesome photos that I couldn't have captured with my phone.  

Does this happen to you?

Do you have so many photos on your phone that you are overwhelmed and even out of space?  Do you just dump them onto a hard drive and hope that you will do something with them some day?

This is where #fiftytwopages can help.  :)  I still dumped all 1700 photos onto my computer (because I am a crazy photo hoarder) but I knew that my absolute favorite pictures had already been used.  I knew that they weren't going to just get lost in a folder on a computer.  They were in a collage, saved on my computer, ready to print into a book later on.  It took the guilt away from all the picture hoarding.  

Maybe next time I'll work on paring it down a little.  Maybe :)

Here's my #fiftytwopage collage for the week:

Would you share yours?  
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