Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Late Christmas Post + Another shop sneak peek!

I hate ruining surprises. I was never the kid who snooped for Christmas gifts. I really love the surprise of Christmas morning.

But I do like little sneak peeks. I love getting hints and little clues and trying to figure out the big picture. 

For those of you like me, here's a little peek at the new shop look.
Want just a little more...? Head over to the @Thrive_Moms Instagram! Their Wednesday giveaway features one of my new BE Shop Prints! Go check it out!

And don't forget!  The shop will be open this friday!  Make sure to follow @klthrock on IG for updates, discount codes, + to enter our giveaway!  One winner will receive 10 free prints!!


And speaking of Christmas, here are a few (very) late pictures from our Christmas. I tend to over-photograph the everyday, and completely forget to take photos of big life Christmas. Part of me hates it, but most of me loves that I just put the camera down and make memories.  Here's what I did capture:

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  1. I'm the same way!!! I never take enough pictures when big things are happening or we're out and about somewhere. And I regret it every single time.

    I especially love the "everyday" type of shots you got - like that one in the kitchen where all the adults are gathered around the island or the one where the kids all have their noses practically touching the tv. These are the shots of "Christmas"! :)


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