Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Because I am such a huge fan of blogging - I thought I would dedicate this blog post to introducing you all to my fellow bloggers. The ones whose life I read about while drinking my morning coffee. Or the ones who I pray for while falling asleep.

Like my friends Shannon and Amy, who always seem to have a new crafty idea or a story about how funny married life can be. They had me hooked from their first posts.

Or my blog friends MckMama, Patrice, and Angie, who I have never personally met, but I love to keep up on their children, books they are writing, and reading about their views on marriage and child raising. These 3 ladies have faced much in their lives and I mainly keep up with them as they daily inspire me with their faith.

Oh, and of course you can't forget friends like Cecily and Jackie who may not update as often as I would like them to, but none-the-less they keep me semi-up to date on their lives despite the fact that they live so far away. Maybe you could stop in and let them know I want them to post more =)

And what kind of wife would I be if I didn't give a shout out to my husband's very insightful Youth Ministry Blog. I have to admit the guys got a way with his words. Writing them, that is. (Let's just not go there...remind me to blog about that some other time...)

And then there's my little friend Kate. She's probably my most visited blog now-a-days and if you have a moment to check out her story I really really recommend it. A young girl facing a huge battle with cancer.

And last but not least, blogs like MoneySavingMom, Shultz Photography, and LivingProofMinistries are can't-miss daily stops for me.

There are a handful of others that I check now and then. People I have found through other blogs, or friends of friends of people I don't know. haha. Anyways, I won't list them all because they might somehow find this someday and think I am crazy.

But all to say, welcome to my blog family. I want to use this blog to not only keep you up on my life, but also to inspire you. These fellow bloggers all do a fine job at that.

Oh, and I'm currently taking new applications for my blog list.

Any takers?

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