Friday, August 28, 2009

Just another day in Paradise..

A little lesson on deception.

Thomas Jefferson once said:

Well there was definitely a hook. And that hook was, once again,
my (lack of) cooking skills.

Exhibit A
Take this delicious, mouth watering, plate of food.
(Looks good, right?)
Add a little bit of Kendahl. And what do you get?

Well let me just tell you how it played out:

Bryan: "looks amazing, I'm impressed"

Bryan: (takes a bite) "Really, not too bad!"

Kendahl: (takes a bite) "I think the alfredo sauce is a bit gritty."

Bryan: (taking a second bite) "yeah, a bit..."

Kendahl: (taking a bite of chicken) "Ugh, the chicken tastes burnt"

Bryan: "Yeah, I didn't notice at first how dry it was"

Kendahl: "Well at least the zucchini is good"

Bryan: "yeah, I guess..."

Kendahl: (a couple minutes later) "The alfredo sauce just keeps getting worse"

Bryan: "Yeah, I really can't eat this"

Kendahl: "Me neither, I will just eat my zucchini"

Bryan: "I can't even do that, mine's so salty it makes me gag"

Kendahl: "I give up..."

Bryan: "but at least the toast is good!"

Kendahl: "ughhhh...."

Bryan: "It was a valiant effort my friend"

Just another day in Paradise...

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  1. hahaha bryans comments are great. let me know if you'd like a private cooking lesson, i won't charge


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