Saturday, August 22, 2009

A post about...


That's right, food.

Not an interesting post at all. Unless you like food. Which I do.

(and this weekend has been filled with lots of it.)

Yesterday we went to Qdoba and Bryan ate

A really...



(I had non-picture-worthy nachos, in case you were wondering)

Then last night, I went to the fair with Shannon, Amy, and Rachel. We seriously had a check list of food we had to get before we left...

Vose Corndogs - check!

Culler's Vinegar fries - check!

Lemonade shake-ups - check!

Fried Snickers - check!

Salt Water Taffy - check!

Mini Donuts - check!

Then tonight, Bryan and I went to a cookout at the Moore's.

Speaking of food, we didn't take any. Seriously, we are those people.
Sorry for our lameness, Kris!

But thankfully we were the only free-riders and so we were pleasantly filled with hot dogs, brauts, greenbean casserole, chips, pasta salad, funfetti iced brownies, and homemade personal pies in the fire. Absolutely delicious!

Then to top it all off, I came home tonight and made more food. (I warned you from the beginning...)

We are having some of Bryan's family over after church tomorrow and so I decided to pre-prepare (pretty sure thats not a word) our meal.

I went to the store and got all my ingredients.

Then I made lasagna.

Then I went back to the store because I didn't get enough cheese for the lasagna.

Then I finished the lasagna.

Next I made beer bread.

Lastly, being the good wife that I am most of the time try to be, I made up batter for blueberry muffins for the morning.

And now that I am done with this post, I am going to bed. Not eating. Not even thinking about food. Definitely not looking at this magazine
sitting in front of me that is all about food.

That's all.

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